The data science community is known for its rapid growth, experimenting with new statistical algorithms and always taking stock of the best new methods used across other industries.

One of the best ways to learn from other data science experts is at the EARL (Enterprise Applications of the R Language) Conference, which is organized by Mango Solutions. It takes places in four cities around the world each year. Last year we had a chance to attend EARL Boston and this year we had the pleasure to participate in EARL London.

EARL creates a space to learn about the latest advances in the R language and discuss how it’s being used by analysts and end-clients.

This year’s conference in London was very successful with hundreds in attendance from across Europe and the U.S. Although there were many popular speakers, we really enjoyed the sessions on:

Preceding the conference sessions, expert R users from Mango Solutions facilitated full day workshops on various R topics, including Keras, a crash course in Python for R users and many, many Shiny tutorials.

Last, but not least, the event offered no shortage of networking opportunities and we enjoyed meeting dozens of enthusiastic and data-oriented people from around the world. We look forward to attending next year’s conference and seeing so many R users again in 2019!