As you read in Tom’s post last week, part of Gradient’s mission is to be a place where the smartest technical minds can do their best work. We firmly believe that intelligence does not respect borders and hire talented minds wherever they are in the world. Because we live in different time zones, walk on separate continents, speak multiple languages and navigate diverse political realities, we’re able to bring a dose of global perspective to our work.

So, where in the world are we?

As folks, especially our European friends, are packing up for summer vacations we thought it’d be fun to show off and compare each of our cities: New York, Philadelphia, Warsaw and 's-Hertogenbosch (yes, that’s an apostrophe before the actual word).

Buckle up as we prepare for a Gradient descent into each of our cities...

Tom, has been living in NYC for 2.5 years. He loves that so many of his friends and family are close by, hates the subways, and is always down to see stand up comedy at UCB East. You’re most likely to find him slowly plodding through city streets as he trains for his second marathon.

New York City


Marcin has lived in Warsaw for all of his 28 years. He loves rollerblading, hates sitting in one place for a long time, and is always down to try new technologies. You’re most likely to find him chilling in Happiness Park.



Kyle has been living in Philly for 2.5 years. He loves the diversity of people and classes, hates the trash in the streets (especially on trash day!) and is always down to race up the Rocky Steps. You’re most likely to find him picking up trash while running in Fairmount Park.



Stefan has been living in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, which literally means “the duke’s forest”, for only half a year, but loves this gorgeous and cozy village-like city. Just as this city requires, he enjoys the Burgundian lifestyle. He can often be found in the city centre, enjoying a great cup of coffee with a Bossche Bol in the morning or a craft beer and Bitterballen in the evening.



How do our cities compare?

Since we wouldn’t dare write a blog post without some type of data analysis, we prepared a few visualizations that highlight the differences between our cities.

Cost of living

Using data from Expatistan, we prepared these interactive plots to compare the cost of living. Thankfully only one of us lives in NYC — and maybe we should all consider moving to Warsaw! (View Full Sized)